[E-voting] Nedap/Liberty will have a paper trail ?

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Wed Dec 7 19:40:11 GMT 2005

This concerns New York State:
"Spokesman Lee Daghlian said Tuesday that the state Board of Elections
has agreed to test a Liberty Elections Systems machine this week.

The firm has not supplied the needed paper backup system, but it has
agreed to do so later, Daghlian said. The state will test the machine as
is and then will test the other components separately in an effort to
speed up the testing process, he said."

More information : (New Yorkers for Verified Voting)

Apparently, there are a (not well defined) testing process + a
certification process.

Who develop the software update for the paper trail ? Nedap or Liberty ?

Pierre Muller
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