[E-voting] Marketting campaining (brainstorming)

David GLAUDE dglaude at ael.be
Thu Dec 8 00:14:37 GMT 2005


I am investigation the possibility to work with marketting company to
promote my anti-eVoting view.

Basicaly the idea is that marketting company do participate in awards
kind of competition where they fight for the best XXX campain. Of course
making the marketting/publicity campain for a new soap is not fun. So in
order to demonstrate their inventivity, to self promote themself and to
help a good cause (NGO or else) they sometime do a campain for free (and
in the hope to win the award competition). Of course it is at no cost
for the NGO.

The eVoting topic is very interesting for that matter because it is
quite unusual compare to traditionnal campain.

I don't know if this is possible in Ireland (or working that way) but at
least in Belgium I started the process. ;-)

Now in order to help the process and avoid duplication of work, plagiat,
copycat, ... I need to know what as been done anywhere in graphical
(audio) representation of the problem (either static or dynamic, online
or off-line).

Of course there were many humouristic stuff about US election and also
the flying ballot (finding traces/url/backup of those stuff is
interesting for me). There is what a graphist did for us
(http://www.poureva.be/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=4). There is also the
"simple as 123, push on the button" campain that the Irish governement
did organise (any trace, link, picture of the bus, copy of the paper
they were distributing, ...).

If you find online trace you could link to (or personnal copies you
privately send to me) of any of those stuff, please do.

If you did ever think on how to advertise our message, please send your
brain dump to me.


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