[E-voting] Stormontgate/Qinetiq/Shell

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Sat Dec 17 20:10:53 GMT 2005

On 17/12/2005 17:06, "Catherine Ansbro" <cansbro at eircom.net> wrote:

> There are some news reports that claim the current FF government has an
> agenda to reduce SF's political clout.

I don't know about that either, but in any case strategies of individual
parties are not relevant.  The current government, like every other
government, has an interest in reducing the political clout of everybody
other than themselves.  It is a clearly understood requirement of any good
voting system that it should not offer the ruling parties any greater
opportunity for tampering than anyone else.  I think everyone would agree
that the proposed e-voting system is at best a step in the wrong direction
in terms of this requirement.

> Regardless of whether or not
> this is accurate, any decisions relating to our voting system or
> equipment should be insulated from those who might have a personal,
> corporate or political agenda.

Absolutely, which is why our elections should be run by an independent
commission.  I can't remember if this is something ICTE has called for, or
did we decide this was outside of our scope?


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