[E-voting] grid of software, hardware, language and suppliers

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sat Dec 17 21:25:38 GMT 2005

On another topic--

For some time now I've been trying unsuccessfully to put together a 
simple grid of the Irish e-voting system showing the different 
components, which company or companies is responsible for supplying each 
component, programming language and which parts have (or haven't) been 
tested and by whom and when.

BBV has asked for this info, and several people from other countries 
have asked for it, too. (Relations between suppliers, components etc. is 
murky at best which makes it hard for people trying to figure out who is 
supplying what, and what are the system similarities and differences.)

Sounds simple--but it's not. Even after doing searches on all the old 
posts and looking through Joe McCarthy's submission I am coming up with 
more gaps than information. Yet I remember lots of past postings about 
some of this (e.g. there was discussion about some of the components 
using very outdated chips? processors? but I can't remember details; and 
there were conversations about what OS or software were used and I think 
I remember someone mentioning Windows CE but I'm not sure).

For example, here's the initial list I've put together of all the 
components I could think of--some may refer to the same device.
If we could agree on a fairly complete list of known hardware & software 
for EVERY component, then we could also identify the supplier of each, 
and the programming language. And last but not least, we could add in 
the comments about what was tested when and by whom (and perhaps 
comments on known weaknesses that many folks here have commented on in 
their CEV submissions). This could make a great grid to put up on the 
ICTE website.

In fact I even had a hard time making a table. (It wasn't always clear 
what hardware went with what software, and I don't know where to put 
firmware, OS or pre-compiled code.) I couldn't match up suppliers with 
equipment. I wasn't clear on which components were off-the-shelf and 
which were "special" for the Irish system. Let me start with just this 
one column. If you folks advise me on changes I can make them and 
re-post here until we have something that is reasonably complete and 

Should I separate the Hardware from the Software and make this 2 
separate columns?

*Hardware, Software*

Software for DREs

Software for ERS (count computer)

Voting Machine ESI 1 (used in June & Nov 2002 pilot trials—real elections)

Voting Machine ESI2


Networking devices?

Memory Cards?

Ballot Modules (Data Cardridge)

Programming Reading Unit (PRU)

Count PC



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