[E-voting] Summary of meeting

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Jan 19 01:49:39 GMT 2005


I just figured out that I could open it has a text file.

Thanks for providing the hot-off-the-press summary.  Much food for thought.


At 01:30 19/01/2005 +0000, Catherine Ansbro wrote:
>Adrian, I can't open the attachment.  Can you resend in a .rtf or .doc or 
>.txt format?
>At 01:04 19/01/2005 +0000, Adrian Colley wrote:
>>Here's my informal summary of the meeting we had with the Minister and
>>his officials today.  There's a health warning on this summary: it's
>>based on fragments of memory of a 1.5-hour meeting.  There are certainly
>>bits in the wrong chronological order, bits missing, and bits which are
>>wrong.  I post it now to satisfy the curious, but the final version
>>won't be ready at least until it's merged with Colm's and Mags's
>>In an attempt to minimise bias in the main report, I moved anything that
>>seemed like a subjective evaluation to the second section.
>>  --Adrian.
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