[E-voting] Meeting with the PDs

Margaret McGaley Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie
Fri Jul 1 11:51:32 IST 2005

Hi all

Yesterday's meeting went very well. There were three PDs there, one 
senator and two policy guys. They had lots of questions, listened 
attentively, and seemed to understand what I was saying (though they 
didn't give much of their own opinions away).

It seems that this review is going to be a fairly informal process, and 
they want me to give them a list of people they should contact about it. 
If anyone would like to suggest people for the list, or indeed be on the 
list themselves, just let me know. I'll probably send it on Monday 

So far I've got:
   Dr Rebecca Mercuri
   Bruce Schneier
   David Dill

They've already been in contact with Joe. Any other ideas?


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