[E-voting] "State of the Problem" Document?

Margaret McGaley Margaret.McGaley at redbrick.dcu.ie
Mon Jul 4 10:40:06 IST 2005

Good idea Keith,

I've copied Catherine's post into this page on our wiki:

There's a small formatting problem (the wiki interprets -- as
through-score, so some sections appear "crossed out").

Adding links to definitions and explanations (such as who Diebold are)
would be very worthwhile.


Keith Martin wrote:
>>Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 23:31:28 +0100
>>From: Catherine Ansbro <cansbro at eircom.net>
>>Subject: [E-voting] more revelations from the USA
>>There has been so much happening on the US e-voting front that I haven't 
>>made any attempt to keep ICTE up to date.  Let me try to redress this by 
>>summarising briefly some of the key points that are coming up:
> <snip>
> Catherine (et al)
> You've given a very good summary there.  Any chance we could turn it into
> something that could be read by someone who's not aware of the issues to date
> (e.g. qualifying who diebold are, what different terms mean the first time you
> use them)?  I think it would be really useful to hand out to people we want to
> lobby on the issue as a "state of the problem" type document.
> Or perhaps we should be trying to come up with a one or two page "introductory"
> document through a wiki?  I'm just thinking of something we can give to someone
> who knows a little about either elections or electronics and who we want to
> bring up to speed.  e.g. computer professionals, politicians, etc
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