[E-voting] terrorism and electronic elections

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Sun Jul 10 16:41:06 IST 2005

Nowadays we face TERRORISM as one of the most dangerous attack to our 
Democracies. Since in Democracy the political power is given to politicians 
by means of elections, a good goal for terrorists could be the alteration of 
electoral processes. If they could delegitimate the ruling power, they would 
have a great victory against democracies!
Ballot paper elections are very robust and have no single point of failure: 
there is NOT a single place which abnormal functioning could lead to the 
impossibility to declare a winner. Paper elections can be held despite of 
black outs and interruptions of computer networks. Infact paper elections 
have properly worked also when electricity and computer did not even exist!
On the contrary, electronic elections are based on computer networks and 
computer centers which are very good terroristic targets. A terroristic 
attack to the network infrastucture, to power distribution lines, or to a 
computer center could lead to the impossibility to declare a winner of the 
election. It would deny governments any democratic legitimation, seriously 
harming any Democracy
Thus the existance of terrorism is a very good reason to elect our 
governments using ballot papers and NOT to use electronic vote! 

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Emanuele Lombardi 

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