[E-voting] terrorism and electronic elections

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Mon Jul 11 00:44:31 IST 2005

You can not run a free and fair election in a chaotic situation like 
Iraq. So bringing eVoting to the rescue is hopeless.

Please imaging that Cuba want to organise presidential election to 
celebrate the end of EU sanction and to demonstrate the US that after 
all if Castro is in power it is by popular request.

In order to demonstrate Cuba's technological advance and to get closer 
to what US is doing (because Guantanamo is not what they want to 
follow), they will use eVoting.

The election result would be as usual a strong message that Fidel is 
effectively a democratic leader of his country.

Would you believe the result? After all they have been using Diebold 
equipement running the same software release than elsewhere in the US...

Is it OK to compare Cuba with Iraq?
Is it OK to compare the US and Cuba?


Timothy Murphy wrote:
> On Sun 10 Jul 2005 16:41, vote at electronic-vote.org wrote:
>>Ballot paper elections are very robust and have no single point of failure:
>>there is NOT a single place which abnormal functioning could lead to the
>>impossibility to declare a winner. Paper elections can be held despite of
>>black outs and interruptions of computer networks. Infact paper elections
>>have properly worked also when electricity and computer did not even exist!
>>On the contrary, electronic elections are based on computer networks and
>>computer centers which are very good terroristic targets. A terroristic
>>attack to the network infrastucture, to power distribution lines, or to a
>>computer center could lead to the impossibility to declare a winner of the
>>election. It would deny governments any democratic legitimation, seriously
>>harming any Democracy
> I don't think the argument is nearly as clear as you make out.
> Eg in a chaotic situation like Iraq people might be frightened 
> to go out to vote, and some form of electronic voting from home might be preferable.

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