[E-voting] Re: terrorism and electronic elections

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Mon Jul 11 14:40:52 IST 2005

> I don't think the argument is nearly as clear as you make out.
> Eg in a chaotic situation like Iraq people might be frightened 
> to go out to vote,
> and some form of electronic voting from home might be preferable.

Dear mr. Murphy, 

I think that WE (usa, gbr, irl, ita, fra, ger, pol, jap, rus, ...) are the 
countries that should not use e-voting, not to give terrorists any chance to 
alter OUR democratic elections. 

The sabotage of political elections would create big troubles to democratic 
Governments. Infact sitting Parliaments and Governments would loose the 
democratic legitimation to rule their country. 

Of course the danger of e-vote is much grater in countries new to democracy, 
in countries were democracy is not yet complete, and in countries held by 
dictators (would have anybody trusted the results of electronic elections 
held in Saddam's Iraq?). 

Sincerely yours,
Emanuele Lombardi

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