[E-voting] terrorism and electronic elections

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Mon Jul 11 15:50:48 IST 2005

Brian O'Byrne a écrit :
> Yes, paper ballot elections are more robust. There are still single 
> points of failure and the possibility for a single event to make it 
> impossible to declare a winner. (Consider setting fire to the count 
> center after ballot boxes have been opened, for example).
You would just have to re-hold the election.
What are the *invisible* single points of failure ?

People are often suspicious about what happen once ballots are counted. 
Then they ask what is the use of worrying about election control by 
citizens since post-voting phase is not citizen controlled. It is 
probably robust (in our countries), but not transparent at all. Internet 
could help. Should we (we the e-voting activists) propose something ? 
Did anybody else propose anything ?

Pierre Muller
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