[E-voting] terrorism and electronic elections

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Mon Jul 11 16:44:10 IST 2005

Brian O'Byrne a écrit :
> Various things are being proposed and discussed with members of the 
> Government. Reference for example the recent thread on meetings 
> between Margaret McGaley and others of ICTE and members of the PDs.
If you refer to the thread of end of June, I already read Margaret 
McGaley's paper (I liked the idea of "paper that doesn't spontaneously 
change", it is amazing that there is no electronic ballot box based on a 
write-once support), but it was not about transparency of post-voting 

I loaded in my mailer the 5000 messages from this ML archives... but all 
I have time to do is searching into them... but on which keywords ?

I want to be perfectly clear. I am opposed to any e-voting system, even 
PCOS. I am just looking for strong arguments.

Pierre Muller
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