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In Ireland there is close public observation of the post-voting phase.  
Perhaps except for when the ballot boxes are moved from the polling 
place to the count centre--and that is done via Garda (police) escort, 
at least in theory.  (I personally know of one exception where a ballot 
box was given to a private courier van, with no Garda escort.  It is 
likely that other unauthorised exceptions may occur.)

The opening of the sealed boxes and all phases of counting are the 
subject of close scrutiny by the public. You should come over to observe 
our counting sometime.


Pierre Muller wrote:

> Brian O'Byrne a écrit :
>> Yes, paper ballot elections are more robust. There are still single 
>> points of failure and the possibility for a single event to make it 
>> impossible to declare a winner. (Consider setting fire to the count 
>> center after ballot boxes have been opened, for example).
> You would just have to re-hold the election.
> What are the *invisible* single points of failure ?
> People are often suspicious about what happen once ballots are 
> counted. Then they ask what is the use of worrying about election 
> control by citizens since post-voting phase is not citizen controlled. 
> It is probably robust (in our countries), but not transparent at all. 
> Internet could help. Should we (we the e-voting activists) propose 
> something ? Did anybody else propose anything ?
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