post-voting phase is not citizen controlled was [E-voting] terrorism and electronic elections

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at
Mon Jul 11 19:03:17 IST 2005

I should have been more accurate. Sorry. I first said "what happen once
ballots are counted", then I should have said "post-counting phase". I 
think it is robust, but not transparent at all.

Catherine Ansbro a écrit :
> In Ireland there is close public observation of the post-voting phase.  
> Perhaps except for when the ballot boxes are moved from the polling 
> place to the count centre--and that is done via Garda (police) escort, 
> at least in theory. 
In France, ballots are counted in each polling place. Some consider it
is more secure.
I recently compared French and Italian electoral precedures, described
here:, this man
doesn't only talk about TERRORISM ;-).
Lots of details differ. But both look robust. And both could be improved ?

> The opening of the sealed boxes and all phases of counting are the 
> subject of close scrutiny by the public. You should come over to observe 
> our counting sometime.
Well, I plan to visit Ireland some day... I will include an election day
in my holidays :-)

Pierre Muller
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