[E-voting] Re: terrorism and electronic elections

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Jul 11 23:10:04 IST 2005

Our description on the Wikipedia says,

*Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-Voting (ICTE)* is a broad-based 
interest group campaigning for safe, secure and auditable electronic 

In particular, ICTE believe that it is extremely difficult for an 
electronic voting system to be trustworthy unless it includes a 
paper-based voter-verifiable audit trail (VVAT 

The more I know, the more concerns I have about including 
electronics--though it could have a role in /marking/ ballot papers as 
long as this doesn't lead inappropriately to also counting the ballots.  
If it can be safe, secure and auditable then fine.  So far I haven't 
seen anything that meets these criteria, though I don't rule out that 
something will be found in the future. 

I don't see ICTE as having to promote or find solutions, rather to be a 
watchdog to ensure any solution is safe, secure and auditable.  (And 
we're glad to share any great ideas we may come up with).

We know a lot more about electronic voting now than we did 2 years ago.  
Personally I know much more about the vulnerabilities--and my concerns 
are based on an increasing number of proven (and indeed exploited) 
vulnerabilities.  I feel less inclined to only look for "the most likely 
political solution."  I also see the /danger /of thinking VVAT is an 
answer.  VVAT /plus/ mandatory hand count of all ballots would be close 
to acceptable, if I felt sure that the hand count wouldn't eventually be 
dispensed with.  (If you've got a mandatory hand count, why bother with 
the electronics at all?  Just a huge unnecessary ongoing expenditure 
that has no true intrinsic benefits and risks losing everything.)


Timothy Murphy wrote:

>On Mon 11 Jul 2005 14:40, vote at electronic-vote.org wrote:
>>Of course the danger of e-vote is much grater in countries new to
>>democracy, in countries were democracy is not yet complete, and in
>>countries held by dictators (would have anybody trusted the results of
>>electronic elections held in Saddam's Iraq?).
>Probably about as much as they trusted the results of the elections he held
>presumably without the benefit of electronic voting.
>Nb: I am not recommending electronic voting -
>I am simply pointing out that it is not intrinsically evil -
>its merits in any particular case have to be weighed against its demerits.
>Incidentally, I thought the aim of the ICTE 
>was to make electronic voting safe, not to reject it out of hand.

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