[E-voting] Getting external observer.

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Mon Jul 11 23:11:49 IST 2005

This raise the question on how to get external observer to the election 
in your country.

I would really like to see OSCE or anybody from any country come and 
observe our election in Belgium. I would like to read them say there was 
nothing to observe. ;-)

Unfortunatly it seems that OSCE will be headed by Belgium[1] in 2006 and 
it is very unlikely they come for local election that year or make plan 
to come for 2007 general election the year after.

Is there a rule that say the presumed democracy do not observe other 
presumed democracy?

Why did OSCE observe US presidential election???

Who could come and observe Belgian election?


[1] http://www.poureva.be/article.php3?id_article=176

Catherine Ansbro wrote:
> The opening of the sealed boxes and all phases of counting are the 
> subject of close scrutiny by the public. You should come over to observe 
> our counting sometime.

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