[E-voting] Re: post-counting phase is not citizen controlled was post-voting phase was terrorism and electronic elections

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Tue Jul 12 01:01:08 IST 2005

Catherine Ansbro a écrit :
> I agree that it is more secure to count the ballots at the polling 
> place.  That is not possible with our PR-STV system, since the 
> preferences only have meaning when combined with all the other 
> preferences in the larger voting area.
We have a problem in France : less and less interest into being a 
polling clerk (we are volunteer), or to watch ballot counting : polling 
clerks sometimes have to convince last voters to stay. I imagine that a 
centralized ballot counting attract more people : mechanically, and 
because being more attractive (more people, more suspense)

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