[E-voting] UK govt circular mentions open-source e-voting

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Thu Jul 21 21:37:49 IST 2005

On Thursday, July 21, 2005 4:08 PM [EDT],
Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:

> On Thu 21 Jul 2005 17:34, Aengus Lawlor wrote:
>> This is exactly what the term "a solution in search of a problem" was
>> coined to describe. Our "observation" system isn't broken, and it is
>> precisely the area that technology is least capable of adequately
>> replacing.
> It may not be broken, but it is inordinately slow.
> E-voting + VVAT is a sensible option, in my view.

Inordinately slow? It takes a day every 4 or 5 years - what's slow about
that? It seems to me that this is an example of taking a lead from the US
(where 4 or 5 ballots a year are not unheard of in some jurisdictions) where
a 1 day count might indeed be a "problem" that needed to be fixed.

Dick Roches complaints about week long recounts are a red herring - these
"recounts" are delayed by legal argument, not by the manual process of
handling paper ballots. That "problem" will be solved (if the Government
gets their way) by restricting the basis for legal query, which doesn't
require a change to e-voting, but that change provides cover for a change
that would be widely regarded as suspicious if it introduced on its own.

I have no problem with the notion of printed ballots that are electronically
scanned. I'm just not convinced that they are worth the expense.

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