[E-voting] UK govt circular mentions open-source e-voting

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jul 21 21:54:21 IST 2005

In Belgium each party with elected representative (I think it must be
more than one) can send an expert to review the code and all. This was a
new "transparency feature" set in the system.

It is hard to tell how it work because as far as I know there was never
a party using that option and they all rely on:
* Official expert (that say it is not their job to analyse the code)
* Civil Servant organising the election (that say they are not competent)
* Analyse from a company not related to the vendor (analyse wich is not
public and even the Official expert were under non disclosure agreement
and accepted those condition... while after they complained about it)
* Trust on the vendor

Also it is hard to tell since that expert if one party bring it will be
also under "secrecy" with no right to communicate about it (even if the
source code of the election is PUBLIC the day after the election).

My point is:
* Member of political party not currently represented in the
Chamber/Parliament (or poorly represented) can not access the code at ALL.

Even distrusting parties might have a common interest in not letting
additionnal parties join the club.


Craig Burton wrote:
> Trust of the system, any system, will always be our confidence that
> mutually distrusting parties observe all parts of the system and each
> other and don't complain.  Is this arrangement beyond technology?

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