[E-voting] UK govt circular mentions open-source e-voting

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jul 21 22:04:59 IST 2005

Assuming I was a non programmer citizen, I would not trust programmer of
any kind or from any party. Nor would I trust expert.

The election should be in the hand of the citizen and one should not
need expert or "programmer" to get the result of the election.

I trust in "randomly selected" citizen that work durring the election
night under scrutiny of party representative from every side.

One of my line to explain the problem is:
"What if the party of programmer does present itself to the election and
get 51% of the popular vote?"

Would you trust the result of that election?
Who would you ask to verify the code?


Michael McMahon wrote:
> In practise of course, this will involve having to trust the programmers
> of whatever validation software you use,
> and some people have a problem with that. But, if you don't trust
> programmers affiliated to party X, then just go and find programmers
> from party Y, so I really
> don't believe that objection stands up. It doesn't make sense to me
> that: on one hand it's not acceptable to
> have to trust a computer programmer (of your own choosing), but on the
> other hand it is acceptable
> to have to trust a set of party workers (whom you cannot choose).

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