[E-voting] UK govt circular mentions open-source e-voting

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Thu Jul 21 23:18:33 IST 2005

On Thu 21 Jul 2005 21:37, Aengus Lawlor wrote:

> >> This is exactly what the term "a solution in search of a problem" was
> >> coined to describe. Our "observation" system isn't broken, and it is
> >> precisely the area that technology is least capable of adequately
> >> replacing.
> >
> > It may not be broken, but it is inordinately slow.
> > E-voting + VVAT is a sensible option, in my view.
> Inordinately slow? It takes a day every 4 or 5 years - what's slow about
> that? It seems to me that this is an example of taking a lead from the US
> (where 4 or 5 ballots a year are not unheard of in some jurisdictions)
> where a 1 day count might indeed be a "problem" that needed to be fixed.

Were you at the RDS count at the last election?
I think the reaction of almost everyone there, regardless of party,
was that the whole thing was excessively long-winded.
(My impression was that it took twice as long as expected.)

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