[E-voting] UK govt circular mentions open-source e-voting

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Sun Jul 24 08:48:04 IST 2005

Marian Beddill wrote:

> The previously proposed "VoteHere" system does not meet that criteria, 
> because even if there are two tracks, both are electronic, and need a 
> machine interface to read them, thus there is opportunity for error or 
> fiddling in both tracks.  Anyway, I hear that VoteHere may have parked 
> or downplayed their encryption online voting verification system. At 
> least, they are now pushing a system that track ballots, not votes.
Hi Marian,

VoteHere did originally talk about a different system. Maybe that is the 
one you refer to.
The one I am talking about it is described  (currently) on their website.
It is also a system with encrypted printed receipts, which can be 
verified afterwards
by different channels including telephone, and Web. The impression I get 
from the
docs, and from discussing some details of it with one of their 
engineers, is that this
system is still under development. If you are referring to the same 
system then I'd
be interested to get more details of the flaws. Do you have any more 

I'm surprised they are pushing a system that tracks (paper?) ballots.
At the link below, they have some unflattering things to say about VVPB.
However, it does seem to be specifically aimed at postal ballots, so 
maybe that is
a slightly different scenario. Perhaps also, the way some State laws 
have been written,
VVPB is non-negotiable, and as a commercial concern they have to live 
with that.
Maybe they should update the FAQ though :)


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