[E-voting] "Black box" irregularities in the House of Representatives?

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sun Jul 31 17:13:36 IST 2005


For those who think it's ok to have our own representatives make laws  
using electronic voting, and that accidents would never happen--

A major US int'l trade agreement just passed by 1 vote (CAFTA).  And 
guess what.  One guy claims his vote was not recorded correctly.  Even 
though he objected at the time, the law has still passed.

Are we so sure nothing like this could ever happen here?  And some here 
would even consider internet e-voting by our representatives?  Perhaps 
this deserves a serious re-think.


-- From Ken

Are we starting to have "black box" irregularities in the House of 
Representatives? ow, this is just too strange. Perhaps democracy is 
truly dead in this country.

Take a look at this:
"Taylor, RepCharles" RepCharles.Taylor at MAIL.HOUSE.GOV 
<mailto:RepCharles.Taylor at MAIL.HOUSE.GOV>
Subject: Special Statement from Rep. Charles Taylor
To: CAPCON03-NC11 at LS1.HOUSE.GOV <mailto:CAPCON03-NC11 at LS1.HOUSE.GOV>

Capitol Connection Special EditionStatement for Rep. Charles H. Taylor

"I voted NO on the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade 
Agreement (DR-CAFTA) in the vote last night. I informed the Majority 
Leader and the Appropriations Chairman I was voting no, as I had 
informed my constituents I was voting no. Rep. Howard Coble and I voted 
"no" together. Due to an error, my "no" vote did not record on the 
voting machine. The Clerk's computer logs verified that I had attempted 
to vote, but it did not show my "nay". I am re-inserting my "No" vote in 
the record. But even with my NO vote re-inserted, the bill still passed."

"We can have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth 
concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both."- Louis 
Brandeis (Supreme Court Justice of the United States, 1916-1939)

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