[E-voting] Fraud & Transfers

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Wed Jun 1 12:19:25 IST 2005

>Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 20:28:25 +0100
>From: Catherine Ansbro <cansbro at eircom.net>
>Subject: Re: [E-voting] more revelations re: Florida optical scan hack
>To: Aengus Lawlor <aengusl at eircom.net>
>Cc: Irish Citizens for Trustworthy Evoting <e-voting at lists.stdlib.net>
>Aengus I realise that in Ireland "precinct" recounts of all the 
>preferences would be meaningless.  BUT--what I have previously heard 
>suggested on this list is that the /first-vote preferences/ could be 
>counted manually at local election areas. 
>This could be simply done.  However, it would be no safeguard against 
>fraud.  One would only have to alter the election results via 2nd 3rd 
>preferences, etc., which would be easy enough to do.

Hmm....That sparks a different thought in my head.  It would be much, much
easier to defraud the election, and much, much easier to avoid detection, by
simply changing the preferences on people's votes.  
I've just run an example in Dublin South East's last election (2002GE), and if
we reverse the percentages of preferences received by FG's Frances FitzGerald
and Labour's Ruairi Quinn (except for the FG transfers, because that would be
too obvious), Fine Gael would have taken that seat comfortably from Labour.
And nobody would have been any the wiser, either.

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