[E-voting] Requests for Clarification

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Thu Jun 2 10:51:16 IST 2005

in relation to the Invitation to Tender for the Appointment of
Consultants to Undertake a Security and Risk Assessment of the
Electronic Voting and Counting System and to Develop a Programme of
Additional Testing:

	1. Section 1.2 says that relevant reports are available
           at www.electronicvoting.ie, However we get "Directory 
	   Listing Denied" at this url. Where can these reports
	   be found?

	2. Section 2.2 outlines a requirement for the assessment
	   of in-build protections, tamper detection and the 
	   adequacy of existing internal/external audit 
	   procedures. Will the successful awardee be required 
	   to examine the requirement for a Voter-Verified 

	3. In section 2.8, a requirement on the part of the
	   tenderers for:

 	    "a good understanding of the electoral process, the
             electronic voting and counting project's history
	     and key issues arising"

	   is outlined. As any look at the history of the project
	   will reveal many objections on the grounds of a lack 
	   of a Voter-Verified Audit-Trail, aswell as this being 
	   the central objection of the Irish opposition parties 
	   to the use of the system, will tenderers' understanding 
	   of the Voter-Verified Audit-Trail issue be an evaluation 

	4. The invitation mentions the development of a programme
	   of additional testing. Many believe that additional
	   testing of the system is without merit, as in the absense 
	   of a Voter-Verified Audit-Trail the system is provably
	   insecure. As such, does the scope for the proposed 
	   work of the awardeee allow for the recommendation of
	   neccessary changes to the system before any such

	5. Section 2.7 mentions that the awardee will be required
	   to liaise with the CEV to ensure its concers are being
	   addressed. Can these concerns be outlined? 

	6. If not, can the rough nature of these concerns be outlined? 

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