[E-voting] Response to the tender

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Thu Jun 2 16:42:31 IST 2005

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 04:06:52PM +0100, Brian O'Byrne wrote:
> If there is work you can delegate, send some of it here.
> I think it is a great idea and will happily give some time.

Well, for one thing, we need: 

	1. A section on ICTE's level of experience and any 
	   expertise in this area. 

	2. a list of our past reports and texts, a brief 
	   summary, description, mention the authors and so 

	3. Maybe also mention our meeting with the Dept.

	4. A paragraph or two which explains the Evoting security
	   is also a function of the (terrible) Electoral Act,
	   and that this needs reform - but that the proper place
	   for this debate and advice is in the Oireactas, not
	   a consultants report. Basically another reason why a 
	   consultants report is a waste of time and money.

	   Maybe also use this space to opportunisticly point
	   out that the Oireachtas will not be sitting during
	   the term of work.

	5. More explanation and rationalisation of the waste of
	   money factor. Including a short and simple explanation
	   of why the lack of a VVAT makes it all so pointless.
	6. Figure out which portions of the invitation require
	   mandatory responses. We can avoid the tax clearance
	   cert easily enough (on the basis of not being a company,
	   and proposing to do no work, for no cost).

	7. Factor it such that we can justify our response
	   in the terms of the individual evaluation criteria,
	   making it as difficult as possible for the tender
	   to be simply disregarded,

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