[E-voting] Third party code

Brian O'Byrne bobyrne at statesoft.ie
Thu Jun 2 17:43:39 IST 2005

On Thursday 02 June 2005 13:40, Brian O'Byrne wrote:
> Within that there are lots of subtleties and opportunities for
> mischief. You could, for example, rewrite the device driver that
> mediates between the OS and the memory cards, so that reading the
> same memory card on two different machines (or with two different
> programs) could give different results.
> There is almost no chance that sort of tampering would be caught by
> a code review, because the code review would almost certainly
> assume device drivers behave as expected.

On this note: Does anyone remember from previous documentation how 
much of the delivered system originates with third parties?
I know I had the link to the machine specs, but can't find it now.

For example: we know the count machines run an operating system and 
database application provided by Microsoft.
The keyboard on the voting machines is proprietary, so presumably 
there must be a device driver for it. Did that originate with NEDAP 
or a third party? Similarly the device driver for the memory modules.
I remember there was Roxio CD burning software mentioned in the spec 
for the count machines, so that is another third party source of 

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