[E-voting] Did finally Nedap give access to all source code ?

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jun 2 21:40:38 IST 2005

Beeing public knowledge does not mean it is public domain... but at 
least it is obvious or not new and can not be patented.

One thing that was requested by legaly nominated "expert" in Belgium is 
that API between various eVoting module should be public and that 
various (we have two) voting system should be capable of 
interoperability to permit the exchange of one module for another. The 
idea was to limit the risk of fraud and permit verification with 
alternate software.

Still it does not beat VVAT or VVPB solution as for the democratic countrol.


Aengus Lawlor wrote:
> What's even more astonishing is that the Government is actually paying for
> this "count" software in the first place. The basic algorithm is public
> knowledge, and as the participants of this list have demonstrated, it's not
> that difficult to implement. The Government could solve the PowerVote part
> of the problem by simply doing away with the PowerVote software entirely,
> and having a new tool written to do the same job. It wouldn't resolve the
> problems with electronic balloting, but it would render PowerVotes
> ridiculous claims null and void.
> Aengus

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