[E-voting] PR: Anything ready relative to the election in the Nederlands?

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jun 2 22:33:52 IST 2005

Random bits of opposition can be found here:

But you have to read dutch to catch it.

As far as I know, there is no organised opposition (dedicated 
mailing-list/web site)... Maybe "bits of freedom" (http://www.bof.nl/) 
or "What the hack" (http://www.whatthehack.org/) can be activated or 
used as a base.

One options would be to have someone presenting something there... even 
if the deadline for submission is over, everything is possible: 

At least France, Nederland and Ireland have something in common... that 
could help fight together a specific device rather than a strange 
concept like democratic election.


Pierre Muller wrote:
> Colm MacCarthaigh a écrit :
>> On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 10:00:30PM +0200, David GLAUDE wrote:
>>> Do you have anything (PR) planned to use this?
>>> Also the French reaction to eVoting is interesting to use...
>> No PR planned, do you have details on the French reaction?
> Sorry to react so late. I lack of sleep.
> Does PR mean that you would like to publish a communiqué ?
> Except that Nedap comes from Nederland, I almost never got any
> information about that country. Since thay have been using e-voting for
> a long time, I thought they were "lost for our cause".
> Is there somebody opposed to e-vote in this country ?
>     Pierre Muller, webmestre de http://www.recul-democratique.org

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