[E-voting] Irish Times Article - eVoting Testing to Resume

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jun 2 23:45:55 IST 2005

Keith Martin wrote:
> software encryption and safeguards;

I still don't understand why where and when there should be encryption 
in an non-remote eVoting system.

The reason I ask is because there is also encryption (apparently the 
belgian algorithm Rijndael) in the Belgian system...

I can understand checksum, digital signature, ... but encryption I don't 

Also when a bank make a security assessement, they want to protect 
against the customer not beeing able to withdraw mony without their bank 
account beeing affected...

With eVoting you might want to try to protect from a voter voting twice 
or changing the result. But do you try to protect against insider 
putting an eastern egg that can trigger 10% of extra vote for the 
candidate that was selected and cancelled 3 time in a raw.


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