[E-voting] http://www.electronicvoting.ie/ back from the dead

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Fri Jun 3 21:16:08 IST 2005

Colm MacCarthaigh a écrit :
> I havn't gotten an answer to any of my questions yet, but it appears
> www.electronicvoting.ie is back from the dead.
What a silly user interface !
An old lady is supposed to understand this ? Or anybody that never uses 
a computer ?

In France, elections are simpler, so if you are not too afraid of the 
machine, you can achieve your vote (in case of multiple elections the 
same day, I am not so sure) . Of course, with vocal help from poll 
clerk, and without thinking to check your choice on the screen.
And you have a "cancel" button to restart from beginning. This button is 
language button on your machines.

And the flash demo is badly thought out.
I didn't understand how you see choices that you made. Probably the 
screen. Or do the buttons light up when you press them ? (is the color 
red a pathetic attempt to make these machines (with a 70's look) look 
modern ?)
If this is on screen, how can you review all your choices before 
pressing "cast" in case in multiple elections (the demo asks you to do it) ?
You probably already noticed this a long time ago.

imho, there is something typical of computer/human interface (with this 
machine, or any other one). You learn a recipe: press a button, then 
another one, etc... hoping that nothing unusual happens. What you should 
do with every machine is : press a button, watch how the machine react, 
make a decision, and depending on that decision, select which button to 
press, etc...

Thank you for reading these incidental remarks.
	Pierre Muller, webmestre de http://www.recul-democratique.org

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