[E-voting] How to disrupt a poll with two stickers

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Mon Jun 6 13:52:45 IST 2005

I don't know if this could help you demonstrate how insecure Nedap are...

In case of a simple election, for example a referendum, when it is your 
turn to vote, on the "ballot board", suppose that you put a "yes" 
sticker on the "no", and vice-versa. A french journalist had that idea : 
http://www.zataz.com/news/8320/vote-electronique.html (in french). This 
apparently disconcerted Nedap, they had never thought about that before, 
and they stupidly answered "the polling clerks will detect that you stay 
too long behind the machine". Although with a little set-up, like 
pretending you can't manage to vote, and asking a friend to help you...

Of course, the right answer was that the next voter would detect it when 
checking the screen.
But, during last election (referendum about Europe), I was a polling 
clerk, and suspected that not a lot of people were watching the screen.
This has to do with the computer/human interface issue I mentionned in a 
previous post :
 > imho, there is something typical of computer/human interface (with this
 > machine, or any other one). You learn a recipe: press a button, then
 > another one, etc... hoping that nothing unusual happens. What you should
 > do with every machine is : press a button, watch how the machine react,
 > make a decision, and depending on that decision, select which button to
 > press, etc...
And also with vocal help from polling clerk (president of polling 
station to be accurate) that was "press the button under your choice, 
then press cast button".
Some visually impaired persons voted without complaining they couldn't 
read the screen, which is, as you know, not that big.
The polling clerk, at least during the morning rush, everybody went to 
the beach during the afternoon :-), hadn't enough time to add "check the 
screen" to his explanation. Despite the fact that I asked him to do it, 
and that an official poster was mentionning this step.

	Pierre Muller, webmestre de http://www.recul-democratique.org

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