[E-voting] Battery of Nedap

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Thu Jun 9 15:18:29 IST 2005

I didn't find anything about that in J.McCarthy's 41 topics.
Not very important, but every ammunition counts...

I noticed that, on poll day, battery is only connected AFTER a
power failure.

What happens if the power failure occurs exactly when the vote is recorded ?
The VM therefore needs a transaction-like technology. And it is
theorically difficult to test : power failure can occur at every CPU
instruction. Just to save a 200€ UPS...

Even if the failure occurs slightly before of after the vote, how could
you know if the vote has been recorded or not ? Will the polling clerk 
that pilots the VM remember if the last beep was emitted ? And if this 
beep was shortened by failure ? By asking the voter, waiting in the dark 
and confused ? Or by counting signatures, assuming no mistake was done 
before, and comparing with VM counter ? Always just to save a 200€ UPS...

Nedap made amateurish work.

Brian O'Byrne worried about voters that would walk away without voting
because of a delay in getting the machine working.
We had this case in France (to be confirmed).

Pierre Muller, webmestre de http://www.recul-democratique.org

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