[E-voting] Re: Election Supervisors

Fergus O'Rourke sitecom at tinet.ie
Fri Jun 10 07:04:07 IST 2005

Keith Martin <keith at keith.gs> wrote
> The County Registrar/Sheriff is appointed by the Department of the 
> Environment &
> Local Government, and is generally a non-political appointment.  They 
> would be
> selected by the Minister, but I'm not aware of any people who have been 
> put
> into these positions for political reasons. [snip]

Well, I am !

Among lawyers, it is notorious that these positions are political "gifts" to 
I am personally aware that this is so.

> I'd say contacting the Returning Officers wouldn't have a huge effect - 
> they're
> quite careful about their neutrality.

This is true, but it is still a profoundly unsatisfactory situation.

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