[E-voting] election reform in USA and Ireland - core issues

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sat Jun 11 22:31:32 IST 2005

Bev Harris of Black Box Voting has just posted a thoughtful response to 
questions posed re: election reform.  Some of you may find this extract 
of interest:
/*Election reform is splitting into two camps:*

- The "work within the establishment" camp, which is focusing on blemish 

- The "rebuild the system" camp which is focusing on more permanent 
solutions, starting with addressing the core problems that have turned 
our democracy into a sham. *Black Box Voting* is in the "rebuild the 
system" camp, and we aren't particularly interested in blemish removal.

Rush Holt bill = blemish removal
Hillary bill = makeup to make it look nicer

*Core problems identified by the "Rebuild the system" camp: *
- Failure to count the real ballots
- Corporate funding of elected officials
- Corruption in the procurement process (undisclosed payments to/by 
lobbyists, kickbacks, contract steering)
- Negligent certification process
- Computerized voting systems that sacrifice auditing and security for 
"flexibility" (read: tamperability)
- Inappropriate privatization of election systems
- Problems with access to public records, Freedom of Information access, 
such that election results cannot be substantiated at all


Here in Ireland we have some of the same core problems identified in the 
"Rebuild the system" list, and many more of them if the proposed 
e-voting system were to be introduced.  I strongly suggest that ICTE 
folks have a look at the whole post, which can be found here: 


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