[E-voting] [Fwd: Green TD calls for pilot e-voting project for TDs - Make el

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Thu Jun 16 15:12:46 IST 2005

> All that said, I am firmly opposed to this bizarre move. The oireachtas
> isn't just somewhere where votes occur, its where debates occur. The way
> it is *supposed* to work is that they listen to those debates and try to
> influence opinion. Then they get to vote.
> I think it's insulting to enable lazy politicians who can't be bothered
> turning up for the debates to still have a say. A thouroughly
> disgraceful and sickening idea. It renders the chambers and the debate
> which occurs there pointless by presupposing that members of the house
> should have their minds made up regardless of what is said there.

I'm not a big fan of this idea either, but I think the horse has already bolted on the issue of debate in the chambers.  Most TDs monitor the debates on TVs in their offices, if at all, and the chamber is only full for votes.


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