[E-voting] Fwd: Green TD calls for pilot e-voting project for TDs -Make elected representatives more productive - says Gogarty

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Thu Jun 16 15:28:56 IST 2005

I'm not sure I've heard a more stupid suggestion all day.  And I was watching
the Dáil this morning.

If TDs want to vote, they should be in the Chamber - that's what they're elected
to do.  They are NOT elected to go to meetings in their constituencies, they are
elected to represent their constituents in the Dáil.  If going to meetings helps
them represent their constituents more efficiently and directly, then that's
fine, but it's not the primary reason they were elected.

As I type this the bell calling the TDs into the Chamber is ringing, so they
have six minutes to get there.  Run, Gogarty, run!

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