[E-voting] Re: Green TD calls for pilot e-voting project for

Fergus O'Rourke sitecom at tinet.ie
Sun Jun 19 09:30:35 IST 2005

Keith Martin wrote on Thursday:

> I'm not sure I've heard a more stupid suggestion all day.  And I was watching
> the Dail this morning.
> If TDs want to vote, they should be in the Chamber - that's what they're elected
> to do.  They are NOT elected to go to meetings in their constituencies, they are
> elected to represent their constituents in the Dail.  If going to meetings helps
> them represent their constituents more efficiently and directly, then that's
> fine, but it's not the primary reason they were elected.

The voters are the judges of what "the primary reason" for election is. IME as a canvasser,
attending in the Chamber or even voting at divisions was not high up the list of voters'

I may not like it, but I am a democrat.

Of course, it does explain why we get plenty of bad legislation.

And I blame the voters.
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