[E-voting] Re: Green TD calls for pilot e-voting project for

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Mon Jun 20 00:46:18 IST 2005

On Sunday, June 19, 2005 4:30 AM [GMT+1=CET],
Fergus O'Rourke <sitecom at tinet.ie> wrote:

> The voters are the judges of what "the primary reason" for election
> is. IME as a canvasser, attending in the Chamber or even voting at
> divisions was not high up the list of voters' concerns.

The voters are smart enough to understand that, with a totally rigid whip
system, voting in divisions is nothing more than play-acting. They vote on
local issues, because they understand that it doesn't matter what the voters
on the ground actually want their representatives to do on national issues,
thir TDs will be voting along party lines every single time. (Which usually
means that Berties kitchen cabinet will decide on a policy, the FF and PD
poodles will vote for it whether or not it's a good idea, and then the FG
and Labour party poodles will vote against it, whether it's a good idea or

>From time to time, something like e-voting will come along that gets all
party support (because it's "modern") until there's some sort of fuss made,
at which point one side will see a political advantage in changing their

And then TDs complain that the newspapers don't cover the day-to-day
business of "politics", and only cover scandals and controversies.


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