[E-voting] e Challenge 2005 (conference 19 - 21 October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Mon Jun 20 16:34:26 IST 2005

David O'Callaghan a écrit :
> The proposed Estonian system is an online voting system that's closely 
> tied to the Estonian national ID smart card. I recently was at a 
> presentation on the subject of the ID card.
> Not only do you have to trust the anonymizer and counting software, but 
> you also have to trust your own PC, including the special evoting software.
> For more information on the ID card see http://www.id.ee/, although I 
> can find only one press release that mentions e-voting.

The Estonian president Arnold Ruutel recently vetoed a law about 
internet voting, because of not enough security. But he just want to do 
it more carefully. He also mentionned that an internet voter could 
change its vote.

and (in French) 

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