[E-voting] e Challenge 2005 (conference 19 - 21 October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Mon Jun 20 22:27:48 IST 2005

Michael McMahon wrote:
> http://www.cyber.ee/dokumendid/evalimised/virunurm.ppt

Please see slide 31.

Government's viewpoint
PRESS RELEASE is the goal!
Positive coverage in (international) press is the real goal

Because this might well be true... and not only in .ee then this is what 
we need to fight.

We need to make sure they know that if there is any doubt, failure or 
anything, they will lose everything they expect to win.

David O'Callaghan wrote:
 > The proposed Estonian system is an online voting system that's closely
 > tied to the Estonian national ID smart card. I recently was at a
 > presentation on the subject of the ID card.

> For more information on the ID card see http://www.id.ee/, although I
> can find only one press release that mentions e-voting.

Guess what, in belgium we start to roll out our national eID card...

And my little finger (that usually is good at this kind of prediction) 
tell me that the use of the eID card for eVoting has been in the futur 
plan since the begining of our eID.

France is starting it's own eID plan...

Any idea on how to fight this?



About remote eVoting (Loch-Ness monster): 

About eVoting (not even remote) and eID card:

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