[E-voting] Edail Eireann Proposal

Peter Thornes peter.thornes at dublin.ie
Mon Jun 20 16:15:47 IST 2005

I see there was some discussion of Paul Gogarty's press release 
re  e-voting for the use of deputies in the Dail:

It's in turn based on my proposal on Todays.Net


It's an alternative (or addition) to eVoting by the public.
Voting isn't secret, it doesn't need paper trails, it's a smaller scale system.

The main worry seems to be what affect it might have on debate attendance.
But if it makes for more efficient TDs, arguably voters are better off:
TDs always remain accountable, it's not as if attendance was banned.

Debate "attendance" -including video/online possibilities -could actually increase.
Anyway, debates have been curtailed in recent years, it's only Tuesdays-Thursdays 
now, ministers pair off to avoid attendance, the outcome is known ahead of the vote,
and it's really just for opposition tds to get their objections on record, without 
taking anything away from the importance of that.

Interesting email list.. Margaret McGaley kindly told me about it.

Peter Thornes

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