[E-voting] Sun Tribune article - 'Fear of fraud as vote register out by 800, 000'

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Wed Jun 22 23:06:23 IST 2005

The front page article in last Sunday's Tribune was based on an inside
full-page story by Odran Flynn (political analyst/researcher) on the
electoral register. By comparing register totals against census statistics,
he concludes that the total figure of registered voters from 2002 (3.002
million) was overstated by something between 675k and 800k voters. He
spot-checked one road in Kildare with 25 houses and 61 voters, to find that 


-          three houses are not on the register

-          one house on the register does not exist

-          10 registered voters have not lived on that road for 5 years

-          2 registered voters are unknown to the long-time occupants of the
house at which they are registered

-          3 houses have both current & past residents of those houses


While I'd be wary about drawing too many conclusions from one single
property, the findings are certainly interesting and quite worrying.


Regards - Shane

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