[E-voting] Edail Eireann Proposal

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Jun 23 00:39:29 IST 2005

In European Parliament and in every other Parliament, they have 
non-remote voting machine.

For non secret vote where the list of vote is available... there is no 

When the vote is secret... or when it is not a roll-call vote, then it 
might be more of an issue.

Most vote are done by raising the hand... when the result is to close to 
call they use the eVoting system build inside their desk. Sometime when 
a first vote is close but not eChecked and the second vote is also close 
and the eVote reveal that the president impression was wrong, then the 
vote before is also redone or the result changed if it appear to be the 
same result.

European Parliament is unique because we have currently 732 MEP (we had 
more between 1 may 2004 and re-election, we will have more after 
Bulgaria and Roumania get on board).

Before eVoting in EP the opposition was tabling amendment to slow down 
the decision process. Now if there are many amendment they vote 
electronicaly to accelerate the process.

Sometime one MEP complain about a non-fuctionning voting machine... most 
of the time this is not a real technical problem but a human problem or 
a way to avoid voting on hot topic.

I have heard that in some country there is a "follow me" option where 
the party leader vote is "displayed" so that member can vote the same 
way... much more funny to hack than a voting-list.

I don't know what to think about eVoting in Parliament... but I don't 
like it much, also because if they don't get the diffrence between 
secret and non-secret vote they might want to give the citizen also a 
chance to experiement eVoting. :-(

Michael McMahon wrote:
> Also, it seems like article 15.11 of the Constitution disallows it.
> "All questions .. shall be determined by ...majority of members present"

Did they say "physicaly present"?


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