[E-voting] Discussion on IrishLaw list

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Fri Jun 24 09:58:29 IST 2005

Just took a look at the IrishLaw list which Patrick pointed out

One interesting snippet from the response to the questions:

> One of the main reasons for introducing the system was to avoid 
> accidental spoils. A tallyman tells me anecdotally is that more apparent 
> Fianna Fail votes are spoiled than for any other party.

Maybe they will forget about e-voting if they realise there are
other simpler ways to fix this problem :)

> It is worth noting that other rights are curtailed by the electronic 
> voting system. For example, there is a requirement for participating 
> voters to vote without undue delay. This was never a requirement with 
> the paper system.

I haven't seen this point before. It is interesting because it is
arguably an important right being infringed.

- Probably the first time voters see the entire list of candidates is
   when they get the ballot paper (or step up to the voting machine)

- it's clear that the requirement to vote without undue delay is there
   because the electronic system is less efficient (in this respect)
   and the meaning of "undue delay" will be very dependent on the local
   situation, eg. how long the queues are at any particular time.

There is also an interesting post on the list related to problems
with the electronic elections last year in New Zealand (which
incidentally, were conducted by a private company). The govt.
there is reconsidering the whole usage of the system
(and of STV as well unfortunately)


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