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Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Fri Jun 24 14:03:25 IST 2005

On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 09:58:29AM +0100, Michael McMahon wrote:
> >One of the main reasons for introducing the system was to avoid 
> >accidental spoils. A tallyman tells me anecdotally is that more apparent 
> >Fianna Fail votes are spoiled than for any other party.
> >
> Maybe they will forget about e-voting if they realise there are
> other simpler ways to fix this problem :)

I read that point too and found it a little bizarre. Fianna Fail get
more votes than any other party in general. So of course they get more
spoils. What matters is if they get a disproportionate number of spoils.

I've been a spoils adjudaticator a number of times, and in my experience
I don't think they do. Sinn Fein, in the other hand, do seem to get a
very disproportionate number of spoils.

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