[E-voting] Answer to PQ re Audit Logs

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Thu May 5 16:15:35 IST 2005

^^ Election Management System. ^^

  243. Mr. Quinn asked the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Loc=
Government if audit logs are available from the electronic voting machine=
s used
in the general election of 2002; if so, the location at which these logs =
can be
viewed; the contents of same; if audit logs are available for the countin=
computers used to tally the votes from the different machines used in the
general election; if so, the location at which these logs can be viewed; =
contents of same; and if he has satisfied himself that the aforementioned=
are complete and accurate. [13747/05]

   Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Mr. Roche=
): A
number of different audit facilities are available on the electronic voti=
machines and the computers to aggregate and count the votes cast.  The
equipment was used in Meath, Dublin North and Dublin West, the pilot
constituencies at the May 2002 general election.  Following a review of t=
he use
of the system in 2002, a number of improvements were made in the procedur=
es for
recording and reconciling election data.  The Commission on Electronic Vo=
confirmed in its first report, published in December 2004, that the syste=
accurately counted the votes recorded at the pilot polls in 2002.
  Responsibility for any records associated with the operation of the aud=
facilities lies with the D=E1il returning officers for the constituencies
concerned.  Section 129 of the Electoral Act 1992 provides for the retent=
and disposal after a period of six months from the date of the poll, of
specified documents related to a Dail election.  These documents include =
counted ballot papers, ballot paper accounts and marked copies of the reg=
 These provisions have been applied to electronic voting by section 46 of=
Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001.  If the Deputy provides more specific det=
on the information sought, I will endeavour to be of assistance.

Any ideas how we might ask for exactly what we want?

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