[E-voting] VVAT Stats in the States

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Thu May 5 16:30:14 IST 2005

Interesting statistic re Voter Verified Audit Trail (VVAT) for electronic voting

In the US, 15 states (30%) have now passed legislation requiring VVAT on all
eVoting machines.  One other state has legislation passed which is awaiting the
Governor’s signature.

19 states (38%) have legislation in their legislatures requiring VVAT which has
not yet passed.

1 state has a half a VVAT requirement.

Only 14 states (plus DC) (28%) have no requirement for VVAT or proposal for such
a requirement at the moment.

That means that 68% of US states, having used eVoting already are either using
or leaning towards the rule that it’s not good enough without VVAT.

Source (including a nice map) at www.verifiedvoting.org

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