[E-voting] Answer to PQ re Audit Logs

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Thu May 5 16:48:08 IST 2005

Ryan Meade wrote:

>>The Commission on Electronic Voting
>>confirmed in its first report, published in December 2004, that the sys=
>>accurately counted the votes recorded at the pilot polls in 2002.
>>   =20
>Any truth in this claim?  Is it even possible to confirm this?
> =20
The conclusion has the following statement:
"testing of the counting software carried out by experts retained by the=20
Commission using voting information from pilot tests during previous=20
elections in Ireland confirms that it accurately counted the votes=20
recorded at these elections;"

which sounds reasonable enough. However, the main body in section  4.2 sa=

"While it has not been possible to verify that the system correctly=20
captured all the votes cast at the 2002 D=E1il election and referendum=20
because there was no parallel run of paper and electronic voting, the=20
Commission has confirmed in its own testing that the votes recorded as=20
having been cast at the D=E1il election were correctly counted by the sys=

In other words, the counting software correctly processed the data it=20
was given ,but they
could not confirm that the data itself was correct (because there is no=20
paper trail)


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