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    Moreover Timken sits at the board of directors of Dibold Industries
    http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/050428/clth088.html?.v=1 and has donated
    large amounts for the Republican Party as was reported in Germany's
    last edition of the weekly DER SPIEGEL.

    Ambassadors of "Payback"?

and from 

    . . . Ultimately, if it's "we the people" who are the ones who
    figure out what these problems are, then we will better understand
    what the solution should be. Also, we must demand that whatever
    solution is proposed that it will have involved citizen
    participation, and not just scientists, academics and election
    officials. The solution must be understandable to the average
    American citizen and never again be left to a few to dictate how the
    system must work. _Citizen participation is tantamount to our
    procuring a solution that does not involve secrecy, is filled to the
    brim with checks and balances, and cannot be easily unraveled nor
    easily manipulated._ This is how we will empower ourselves and take
    back our vote.

    Until then, we must not accept anything less or make any compromise
    that, in the end, only makes us feel better for the moment. That
    would be a major strategic mistake to make at this time, since _we
    are now discovering that the problem is ever changing and is much
    more complicated than could have ever have been concluded at the
    outset. It's multi-faceted and pervasive to a level beyond what we
    could have even imagined just a year ago. BBV has learned, through
    its investigations out in the field, that election officials,
    politicians and vendors are all interchangeable and are following a
    huge money trail. _Thus, creating a huge conflict of interest that
    obviously desolves any of the checks and balances necessary for
    accountability and honesty in our election process. . . .

Catherine comments:

Particularly relevant is the ongoing revelations about the connections 
between election officials, politicians and vendors.  It has taken a lot 
of time to begin to uncover and unravel some of these connections.  
These connections are also leading to criminal networks in foreign 
countries (see BBV for ongoing updates).  It is getting worse and worse 
than anyone expected.  (E.g., the recent discovery that adding only 1 
touchscreen machine to an election system meant the whole system was 
extremely easily to hack; and almost the same result--only slightly more 
difficult to hack but very do-able--when one optical scan counter was 
added to an election system.)

We would be naive to ignore this information when considering Irish 
voting solutions.  While we shouldn't make paranoid assumptions about 
what is going on in Ireland, we also cannot afford to assume that we are 
isolated.  The first excerpt above, showing the overt connection of a 
Diebold board member to an ambassador post in Germany, is troubling.  So 
is the history of the ownership by Irish politicians and businessmen of 
Sequoia in the USA. 

I hope that Joe McCarthy and others are looking deeply into the 
financial and personal connections of the various businesses, business 
interests and political interests of those involved in or promoting 
e-voting in Ireland.
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